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KOH Coconut 100% Coconut Water 500mL (16.9oz) PET

  • One ingredient does it all:

    KOH COCONUT 100% Coconut water is made from freshly cut Thai coconuts; minimally processed without sugar, preservatives or additives to ensure the freshest product possible.

    Nature's sports drink:

    Coconut water is a natural sport drink and real isotonic, replenishing your body with electrolytes, potassium and necessary fluids.

    Thailand Origin:

    KOH COCONUT 100% Coconut Water comes from the Finest Coconut Growing Region on the Planet. It has sweeter, fuller body and distinctive taste-profile; especially compared to many other products produced in the other countries.

    • 100% Pure Thai coconut water; Not From Concentrate

    • No Preservatives

    • No Added Sugar

    • World Juice Awards Finalist

    • Zero fat & low calories: only 45 calories per serving

    • Country of Origin: Thailand


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