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 A Simple Beverage for a Complicated World TM

Natural: As fresh as you can get from the fruits 

KOH means ‘Island’ in Thai. Thailand has a natural appeal as an exotic, natural and pristine environment- the world’s finest coconuts originate in its amazing lush tropical groves. 


KOH COCONUT, made only from the fresh juice and meat of coconuts, is delicious, healthy and 100% all natural.


Quality: Strict control of sourcing & production

KOH COCONUT execute strict quality control from beginning to end of the chain. We have a direct, strong relationship with a small group of local farmers in Thailand. We source only the premium Thai coconuts as the base of our products. Every coconuts are monitored closely by rigorous testing for freshness and taste-profile upon arriving our factories.

Our production facilities are state-of-the-art modern factories with fast automated lines. The beverage line is aseptically packed to best preserve the flavor and nutrition of the fruit, and make it shelf-stable with 15 months. Being in close control of the fruit supply and production enables our products to have a very consistent taste-profile over time; which is also the key to developed a good consumer fidelity to KOH COCONUT products in about 18 countries in 4 continents.

Healthy: Sensible farming & minimally processed

KOH COCONUT is proud to rely heavily on the concept of "natural” and "straight from the coconut" with nothing added. We supports sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. Our coconuts are grown and harvested without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. Our line of coconut products are minimally processed without additives of any kind to meet the modern consumers’ dietary expectations and for those who are seeking health and convenience at the same time. 

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