Frequently Asked Questions

What is “KOH”?

KOH in Thai means “Island”.

Is your coconut water from concentrate? Are there any other additives and preservatives that you use, including sugars or other sweeteners?

KOH COCONUT is100% coconut water is from freshly cut coconut; Not From Concentrate. There's no preservatives, no added sugar or flavors.

Is your coconut water organic?

We work with 9 different farms for our coconuts and while they are not organically certified, they use the same natural and sustainable growing and harvesting methods they have been using for generations.

Where do you source your coconuts from, and are they young or mature?

Our Coconut water includes young Nam Hom and Nam Hwan coconuts from Amphawa River area in Thailand, which are very sweet and aromatic (Actually “Hwan” in Thai means “sweet” and “Hom” means “Aromatic”). Other coconut water brands may use only old coconut water that is flat tasting and requires adding sugar and flavor. The world’s finest coconuts come from Thailand’s lush tropical groves. Thai coconuts have excellent quality of coconut water with a natural sweet taste and smell. The world’s best “Perfume Coconuts” are in Thailand.

How do you pasteurize the coconut water? How is KOH coconut water done?

KOH COCONUT uses an aseptic packing process with flash pasteurization. It is not sterilized. Aseptic means packing in a totally clean environment so preservatives and sterilization are not necessary. Flash pasteurization means that the coconut water is pasteurized very quickly, within seconds. This is similar to milk. We think that this is the best method to preserve as much of the original real coconut flavor and nutritive value as possible while providing a safe and shelf stable drink. Other coconut waters using glass or can packs must all be sterilized for safety. And the products in plastic using high pressure pasteurization are more risky when it comes to bacteria and they must be kept chilled and have very short shelf lives. We believe aseptic packing is the best choice for quality yet convenient packaged coconut water.

Why does the color and taste changes?

KOH COCONUT is right from coconuts. The taste and color may vary in different seasons and harvests; this is totally natural and good to drink.

Is your coconut water comes from Non GMO (genetically modified organisms) coconuts?

Yes, KOH COCONUT's coconut water & beverages come from Non GMO (genetically modified organisms) coconuts.

What is the emulsifier in the coconut milk?

Coconut milk is rich in coconut fat, emulsifier could help well distribution of fat in liquid, which prevent fat clotted or coagulation in our coconut milk product.