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The “Better-for-You” Snack

Milk|Salad|Ice Cream|Baking

Convenient, healthy and perfect for snacking, cooking and topping.

KOH COCONUT Coconut chips deliver crunchy satisfaction in every handful!

We use only the nutritious copra or coconut meat, slow roasted and lightly sweetened to perfection without preservatives. Our Thai harvested coconuts are picked specifically for this tasty, all natural, all coconut snack. 

Coconut Chips

Made with REAL coconut meat

Slow roasted; not fried

Gluten free & non GMO

NO Cholesterol or trans fat

NO preservatives

This is THE perfect snack right out of the bag or tossed on top of your favorite cereals/salads/cakes, mixed with yogurt or as a delicious topping to ice cream. 


Pair with Milk

Mix with Cereal

Use for Baking

on top of Salads

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